A 2011 established business enterprise, we, Buch & Natur GmBH, is famed across the globe for our quality accredited beverage products. Our name is acclaimed for strict compliance with the international quality standards and fair trade laws that are applicable to our domestic as well as foreign markets. Adhering to these standards and laws, our company aspires to be the No.1 name of the market. We have been venturing in the market for more than 8 years now; with our hard work and talent, we have managed to acquire a strong position in the market. Our Bochum (Arnsberg, Germany) based company is constantly strengthening this position by continuously offering top quality products.

About Us

Buch & Natur GmBH is one of the leading companies in the consumer goods sector based in Germany with a long history. We chose the slogan “we speak your language,” and this reflects the company’s policy to understand the need of any customer or company in any country in the world and supply them as soon as possible and at the best prices. It also contributes with many international companies and well-known brands of berverages.

Which is more than 5000 thousand types as we aspire to cover the Middle East market and has branches of contracts in more than 45 countries around the world And we are ready to meet all the requirements of companies and customers in the local and global markets through the teams of trained specialist.

the company

Our goal is customer satisfaction, so our level of commitment is maximum. One supplier that coordinates and centralizes the distribution of a wide range of Beverage products avoiding delays.

To be consolidated leader on the parallel exporter FMCG industry, giving a wide range to supply a wide range of products, to be exported to almost any country worldwide. The main goal of Buch & Natur GmBH is to export where consumers need to take advantage with a variety and get the best delivery.

Experience of being in the market for more than ten years, with thousands of tons sold and delivered, with the formalities and more stringent custom documents, having worked with clients all over the world.

Being a leader in the market product in europe gives us access to major brands; the internationally recognized, most representive brands are part of our catalog.

The trust of having a wide range of products, all europeans manufacturing and under the most stringent quality controls

The security offered working with a strong supplier with a full range of products and with the advantage of having global infrastructure in a global environment.

Buch & Natur GmBH is a FMCG brand export company, providing and supplying strategies for wholesalers and importers. We speciacilize in europe and international brands on a parallel market for established retailers to streamline thier business and open new markets, as exporters our unique insight is to bring product and services where our customers need them, enabling them to become more competitive and gain more market share

In a global consumer market, exporters/wholesalers most be ready to offer customers any type of service, which requires to be prepared to supply goods from anywhere in europe directly to the destination.

At Buch & Natur GmBH, we have the best international shipping agencies, managing air, sea, and road traffic, from any port in europe to the right destination